Services we offer

  1. Potts Auction Company will prepare colorful brochures with details describing the property emphasizing the best selling features, possibilities, and potential of this property. About 75 percent of these brochures will be mailed from a selected mailing list and the remainder will be distributed by our agents. Our brochures will reach clients nationwide.
  2. Potts Auction Company will conduct an extensive campaign on the sale of a property which will include advertisements in surrounding areas as well as major cities as would be warranted by the property to be sold.
  3. Potts Auction Company will prepare and install large signs on the property, giving information regarding the time, location, place of the sale, and other appropriate information to fully inform prospective buyers.
  4. Approximately two weeks prior to the sale, Potts Auction Company representatives will be in the area distributing brochures, showing the property, and talking to prospective buyers. Open house as warranted to the property.
  5. We will conduct a sale on the premesis under a large tent with adequate seating arrangements. Food and drink could be available to all those attending the sale. We would have available the day of the sale at least two auctioneers, three salesmen to handle bids from the public, two bookkeepers, and an adequate staff to properly conduct this sale.
  6. Potts Auction Company will prepare all sales contracts and collect the deposit monies from buyers. The deposit monies will be held in escrow by Potts Auction Company until closing - normally 30 days after the day of the sale unless otherwise specified. A complete statement showing the purchasers, their addresses, tracts sold, amount of purchase price, deposits paid, and the balances due will be furnished to the owners at the completion of the sale.
  7. Potts Auction Company will arrange for closing or we will furnish all information to the owner's attorney, a bank or other agency of the owner's choice for the collection of balances due under the terms of the contract.